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ZNSHINE SOLAR has provided thousands of residential modules with a higher performance ratio than the industry average. With our residential PV system, they can enjoy clean power, cost saving benefits and make a profit from it.


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Residential | Conmercial | Utility Projects

Location: Hamada, Japan

Size: 23,000 KW

Location: Saint-Coulomb Solar Park, UK

Size: 70 MW

Location: Wulate Middle Banner, the Nei Monggol Autonomous Region, China

Size: 50 MW

Location: Yulin, Shanxi Province, China

Size: 100 MW

Location: Hejing County, Xinjiang, China

Size: 20 MW

Location: Changzhou, Jiangsu

Size: 2.42 MW

Location: Binzhou, China

Size: 20 MW

Location: Jimo, Shandong

Size: 20 MW

Location: Jiangsu, China

Size: 6 MW

Location: Australia

Size: 2 MW

Location: Zhixi, Jiangsu
Module: Double-glass module

Size: 5.5 KW

Location: Xian County, Hebei Province

Size: 10 KW

Location: Yehe County, Zhijiazhuang

Size: 5.72 KW

Location: Xiaolan County, Guangdong Province, China

Size: 10 KW

Location: Pakistan

Size: 40 KW