For the self-cleaning properties of graphene-coating glass, the Znshine R&D team also conducted special outdoor simulation tests. The test results show that the graphene-coating glass has an excellent super-hydrophilic effect, it can quickly collect dust on the glass surface and remove it. There is no sewage water residue, and the glass surface maintains a long-term cleanliness, which greatly increases the level of power output by PV modules.
The specification of 300mm300mm3.2mm graphene-coating glass developed by ZNSHINE Solar has passed the rigorous tests by the authoritative third-party testing laboratory and received authority certification from this agency. This is an important milestone for ZNSHINE graphene PV application.
The graphene-coating glass technology is the result of the cooperation of ZNSHINE Group and China University of Science and Technology.
According to the technical route plan announced by Znshine Solar, at present, the company’s graphene-coating glass is initially available. This series module capacity is 500MW and it is expected to further expand the capacity to 2GW by the end of this year. By the end of 2019, the capacity will be expanded to around 5GW.
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