ZNSHINE PV Tech Co., Ltd. (“ZNSHINE” or the “Company”) announced recently,its branch company “Qu Wo Znshine PV Agriculture Co., Ltd.” has connected the 20MW Agricultural PV plant to grid. This project is the largest agricultural PV plant in local and is a demonstration project in Qu Wo.
Total investment is 200 million and the project covers an area of 0.6KM2 with ZNSHINE polycrystalline modules. The project can reach 25.61717 million kwh of power output, reducing 21.6 thousand tons of CO2 annually comparing to the traditional thermal power plant.
Different from the conventional agricultural PV plants, ZNSHINE designed this plant between two rows of greenhouses, getting the best angle to maintain the best power performance.
Mr. Jinhua Wang, VP in ZNSHINE, said, “With the support of Qu Wo government, the project was going smoothly and connected to the grid just in time. Meanwhile, it helped with the local economy development.”
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